Connecting You To Your Story And Crafting It With Heart!

Donna Mazzitelli, The Word Heartiste

Donna believes that in addition to a good editor and writing coach, writers need someone who uses their heart and intuition.

She has helped dozens of men and women connect with their core voice and express their writing with clarity and genuineness. Her gentle, clear guidance and non-judgmental approach allow people to navigate the places and spaces that can sometimes be difficult to explore. She helps you dig deep so your readership will connect with YOU, your stories, and the information you wish to share.

Whether you need help transferring your thoughts onto paper, a partner to co-author, a ghost writer, or another pair of eyes to review your writing, Donna will support you to bring your written words to life and share a message that is crafted with heart.

The more we are able to share our stories from our hearts–whether fiction or non-fiction–the more our readership will connect with us and be transformed. And that is how we heal ourselves and our world!

To learn more about Donna’s writing and editing services, please visit The Word Heartiste.