Wild at Heart: Adolescents, Horses & Other Kindred Spirits

In a battle of wills, would you rather be up against a 1,200-pound horse or a 120-pound teenager? The primary premise of this book is that there is not much difference.”

Thus begins Heather Kirby’s insightful, groundbreaking guide for better understanding the dynamics behind the often mystifying behavior of adolescents. By highlighting similarities between horses and teens, Heather presents a unique perspective on both and challenges us to better appreciate the forces at play during the tumultuous stage of adolescence.

Drawing on discoveries from her lifelong passion for horses and more than two decades of professional work with teens, Heather offers practical and thought-provoking information that can be readily applied by parents, teachers, coaches and counselors. Heather’s sensitivity and humor come through as she describes her innovative approach to working successfully with teens by applying strategies and principles effective with horses.

In Wild at Heart, Heather demonstrates that it is possible for adults to have meaningful, collaborative relationships with the teens in their lives.

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Author:  Heather H. Kirby
Publication Date:  September 24, 2013

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Heather H. Kirby

Heather H. Kirby, LCSW, CSAC, M.Ed., has spent over twenty years working directly with children, adolescents and families. Heather specializes in reaching difficult teens through alternative therapies. She is certified in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method™ and has completed advanced training in the Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

What Our Readers Are Saying…

Wild at Heart is an emotionally compelling and engaging read. Heather’s narrative power is perceptive, heartfelt and endearing. Her sharp insights and wise strategies offer a fresh and powerful message on how to earn the cooperation and trust of teenagers. An inspiring must-read for everyone who desires to effectively relate with adolescents!” 

Debbie Pell, MEd, a 33-year veteran in the field of special education, serving on local and state boards in advocacy for students with special needs. Director and Co-Owner of The Dominion School, a private, therapeutic day school serving adolescents with severe emotional issues that impede academic potential.


“This book is a page turner. Every word Heather Kirby writes is of value to the parent of a teenager or teachers of teens. The 7 C’s are critically important to understanding perfected parenting and communication with your teen. The most important piece of the encounter with your teen is the relationship. Heather tells you everything you need to know to improve your relationship with your teen as well as gives you guidance to get over the hurdles in raising a teen. I cannot recommend this book more highly.” 

S.M. Walsh, 5-Star Amazon Review


“As a mother, 30-year therapist and lifelong horseman, I celebrate the insights and honest, practical connections made in this book. Awareness is the most important tool we can put to use in our lives, and Heather’s book offers plenty. Through her knowledge and shared stories, she invites the adult reader to deepen their understanding of adolescents, horses, and even themselves. You will gain invaluable information with each turn of the page!” 

Melisa Pearce, CEO, Touched by a Horse. Inc., Founder of the EGCMethod and Author of Eponalisa


“A well-written, moving book that explores with love, understanding and wisdom the incredible relationship between troubled teens and horses. Heather Kirby comes through as everything one could hope for in a teacher, counselor and therapist. This is an invaluable must-read for parents, teachers and therapists who are challenged by the turbulent adolescent years.”

Polly P Leaf, Retired Teacher and Parent, 5-Star Amazon Review


“This lovely book explores the many parallels and the few convergences between teens and horses. Heather has a genuinely kind spirit and wise insight into both. Quick and simple ideas, yet a powerful read!” 

Shannon Knapp, MA, founder of Horse Sense of the Carolinas and author of More than a Mirror: Horses, Humans, and Therapeutic Practices