Warm Toes

A fun day trip to the city brings Kenzi and her friend Valeria face-to-face with an issue that leaves the girls wondering what they can do to help. As the girls and their mothers drive through the city on a snowy day, they notice people who aren’t wearing coats or warm clothing. Before long, the girls figure out a way to get their whole school involved. However, a week before their community’s special event, it seems that their plan is not going to work out. What can the girls do and who can help them find a way to accomplish their dream?


Author:  Donna Mazzitelli
Illustrator:  Laura Peters
Publication Date:  November 16, 2016

Available at:

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Donna Mazzitelli

Donna Mazzitelli is a publisher and editor, bringing dozens of award-winning books to life. She helps authors with nonfiction, fiction, biograph, memoir, and children’s books.

Warm Toes is her debut children’s book about a topic that has the potential to touch any of us at any time—whether in our own lives or the lives of people we know.

Laura Peters

Laura Peters was first inspired to create and paint whimsical characters in 1989 for her daughter Sarah. Originally an elementary school teacher, Laura decided to pursue her art as a full-time career, showing her creations at art exhibitions around the country. She is now a nationally known muralist, children’s book illustrator, and award-winning water colorist.

Laura enjoys traveling to elementary schools to conduct classes and inspire young artists. She also teaches watercolor classes for children and adults at Snapdragon Studios. The studio is located on a peaceful and scenic five acres in Colorado where she lives with her husband, Jim.