goat-lips-final-front-cover-feb15Goat Lips: Tales of a Lapsed Englishman!

It is exciting and affirming to have a second MDP book recognized for its merits. In May, Matthew Taylor was awarded the 2015 IPPY Gold Medal in Humor, currently one of the most nationally recognized book awards. On the coattails of this award Goat Lips also received recognition as a National Indie Excellence Awards finalist. We at Merry Dissonance Press are thrilled for Matthew and Goat Lips. As I stated in a recent interview, “I have to admit, I am not at all surprised. I see only GOLD ahead for Matthew. He is a storyteller extraordinaire, with an impeccable sense of timing and just the right amount of flair. These stories are entertaining and funny. Some even make you cry. I had the pleasure of working on this book during a personal health crisis, and I believe it even helped me in my healing process.”

This is a great book to read at the beach or by the pool, or NIEA-National-Indie-Excellence-Award-Finalistsitting by a fire or propped up in bed. Warning: it will most definitely make you laugh, so you might want to warn any bystanders to cover their ears. As we all know, though, laughter is truly the best medicine, so let yourself be taken away into a world of deep belly laughter. Oh … and be sure to have a tissue or two available as well, because there are some extremely poignant moments contained in the pages of Goat Lips. ippy_goldmedal_LR

Matthew is a fantastic entertainer, storyteller, and storytelling coach. To learn more about him and his work, please visit his website at matthewtaylor.com. To get a copy of his book, visit Amazon or Barnes & Noble. And be sure to leave a review after you’ve read it! This is a book to be shared with as many people as possible.