The Great Stirring: The Way of the Gentle Giant Book One

With certainty, every animal knew the Great Stirring had begun.

As the giant sleeps, the great stirring begins. All of nature senses the need to respond. Even the winds carry Mother Earth’s message:

Awaken, arise, and gather together.
Spread peace and love forever and ever.

Soon the animals begin the journey that was foretold and passed down through each generation. “The stirring will lead to the Great Awakening,” their ancestors said. Journey with the Gentle Giant and the animals as they begin to remember Mother Earth’s message.

The Great Stirring is a timeless tale to inspire young minds to seek out a connection with nature and all it encompasses.

Author:  Donna Mazzitelli
Illustrator:  Franki Holidarling
Publication Date:  June 10, 2017

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Donna Mazzitelli

Donna Mazzitelli is a publisher and editor, bringing dozens of award-winning books to life. Known as the Word Heartiste, Donna works with authors in a variety of genres to capture their voice and share a message that is crafted with heart.

The Great Stirring, which is the first in The Way of the Gentle Giant series, has been percolating since 2010, when the Gentle Giant first spoke to her. His message of love, peace, and the acknowledgment of our shared connection to ALL of life is meant for everyone—adults and children alike—and is a story of hope for our times.

Donna has three grown daughters, three grandchildren, and lives in Castle Rock, CO, with her husband, dog Leo, and cat Smokey.

Franki Halidarling

Franki Holidarling is a daydreamer, artist, and mother who lives in Arizona, having just celebrated the birth of her first son. She is greatly inspired by nature and works with all things magical. To touch another’s soul with the use of a paintbrush is her one desire as an artist.