A creative collective with a penchant for words and other imagery that strike a chord in the perceiver. We believe in the magic of sharing … stories, ideas, experiences, recipes for transformation, for becoming more infinite in our beingness, for exposing our authentic selves, for getting there together through finding common ground, building bridges, and blending the old ways with the new.

We take a holistic approach to bringing books into the world that create dissonance within the whole in order that ALL can be resolved to produce beautiful harmonies. Merry Dissonance Press works with its authors every step of the way to craft the finest books and to help promote them. Dedicated to publishing award-winning books, we strive to support talented writers and assist them to discover, claim, and refine their own distinct voice.

Merry Dissonance Press is the place where collaboration and facilitation of our shared human experiences join together to make a difference in our world, honoring each person’s wisdom and desire to bring more light into the world. We each know what we know. We were each born with a voice not quite like any other. And MDP would like nothing more than to help you (re)discover, (re)claim, and (re)fine your own unique voice to share it with the rest of us in perfect (dis)harmony. We make a little noise. We gather to create a great stir. Merry Dissonance indeed!



Donna Mazzitelli, founder of Merry Dissonance Press, dreams of living in a stone house with a real fireplace and a garden filled with colorful perennials and homegrown veggies. She enjoys hand-carved wooden spoons for mixing large pots of homemade spaghetti sauce or minestrone soup (organic please), warm hugs, deep conversation, beautiful music, and other things that give you cold chills. As an editor, writing coach, and fellow writer, she has a knack for finding the right words and putting them in just the right order. She will help you connect with your story and craft it with heart, providing guidance to cultivate your work and illuminate your pages. She, along with her growing team, will assist you in navigating the book production and indie-publication processes to get your book into the hands of your readers.

To learn more about the writing, editing, and/or publishing process, contact Donna, The Word Heartiste.