The Adventures of Babu: From There to Here

What does it mean to be here when we’re always trying to get somewhere?

From the lush jungle through the vastness of the galaxy, The Adventures of Babu tells the tale of an extraordinary elephant and his search for meaning throughout the cosmos. Although Babu finds excitement, dazzle, and even knowledge along the way, he ponders whether there is more—a better place somewhere. Travel with Babu as he seeks to discover what it means to be here rather than there …

Available in multiple eBook formats.

Author:  Justin Kaliszewski
Illustrator:  Justin Kaliszewski
Publication Date:  November 23, 2016

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Justin Kaliszewski

Justin Kaliszewski is an author, artist, and yogi. Find him online at

What Our Readers Are Saying…

“As an avid fan of children’s books, a former high school English teacher and an ongoing student of universal spiritually, I was completely taken with this lovely little book. The classic tale is enhanced with simple yet beautifully textured and colorful illustrations. It works on multiple levels and targets every generation. A great read and an opportunity for a unique connection between parent and child. Perfect bedtime tale. Short, sweet and pleasant dreams. Highly recommended.”

William Stough, 5-Star Amazon Review


“I am a Children’s Librarian at a public library and a yoga teacher. The Adventures of Babu is a delightful tale of Babu’s search for meaning in life. His journey through the world on the top of a turtle’s back is appealing for searchers of any age. Cleverly illustrated in the seven colors of the Chakra system and peppered with wise sayings throughout, I certainly finished the book with a smile on my face.”

Librarian Yogini, 5-Star Amazon Review


“Read this book as a family last night and the kids loved it! The illustrations (paintings) are beautiful, playful and bright. There is a great message to teach to both kids and adults. Check this one out, you will not be disappointed!”

Zachary Nigut, 5-Star Amazon Review