• Does your work address our common humanity?
  • Does your work encourage the reader to live authentically?
  • Does your work inspire readers to grow into a better understanding of themselves and others?
  • Does your work foster creativity, laughter, fun, pleasure, gratitude, and/or celebration?
  • Does your work invite the reader to practice love, acceptance, compassion for self and others?
  • Does your work explore universal, age-old themes and bring those concepts into the here and now?
  • Does your work transport the reader to an “other” world, time and/or dimension?
  • Is your work best enjoyed sitting by a fire with a warm cup of tea, java or cocoa? OR
  • Is your work to be savored while lounging at the beach, in a grove of trees, on a mountaintop or in a meadow?


If you believe that your (non)fiction embodies any (or all) of these notions, please tell us a little about yourself and submit a sample of your work HERE