Words that ring true, that speak of our oneness, that shimmer like stardust and inspire transformation. Words that remind us of what we’ve always been but might have forgotten–what we’re capable of feeling, what we’re not afraid to experience, and what we already know. Words that take us to the root of what is happening and allow us to grow within the process. Words that help us find Nature in the balance and deepen our understanding of the Shift toward greater awareness and acceptance of ourselves and each other. Words that encourage us to stretch and shed what no longer fits. Words that move us away from complacency, igniting our curiosity and arousing awe. Words that speak to the mystery of life–that invite us into the questions without needing to have all the answers. Words that turn the lull of white noise into resounding, splendorous melody. Words that lead us to what lies between, beyond, and around.


We are particularly fond of metamorphic (NON)FICTION that awakens and uplifts,  POETRY and other lyrical works to take us to new depths, and TALES OF WONDER for the child within us all.

Be sure to check out the genre-links and guidelines before submitting your work. These guidelines/questions for self-reflection may seem a bit unusual; however, they reflect our desire to produce works that elevate the reader’s experience and deepen their understanding of the ALL of life–tapping into as many senses and sensations as possible in the process.

We are a small press devoted to our authors. As such, we must be selective in our process. We do believe that everyone has a story to tell and every voice deserves to be heard, so even if Merry Dissonance Press is not the right press for you, we invite you to Contact Us and we will do our best to guide you in the right direction.