Soul Blessings

Soul Blessings

Soul Blessings is a personal invitation to your inner self, allowing you time to be still, to be soft, to go inward ~ to be

The transformational words and stunning art are an open door ~ welcoming you

Soul Blessings can be used as a tool of contemplation or meditation ~ immerse yourself

It can be read cover to cover or flip to a page that call to you ~ your guide

Return to each page that speaks to you …

Be open to your inner knowing to lead the way …

Be open to receive …

Author:  Lulu Trevena
Publication Date:  May 2018

Available At:

Soul Blessings is available in hardback. Go to to get your copy today!!


Lulu Trevena

Lulu Trevena, an Aussie native, is delighted by the mystery and potentiality of human life. Lulu has a background in leadership, training, yoga, raw food preparation, hairstyling, and creativity, but sees herself as a Seeker of Wonder. A deep woman of expression, she divides her time as a Gemini between sincere, nobel humbleness and eclectic playfulness. Her favourite word is epiphany. Lulu is a compassionate facilitator of women’s groups, speaker, Creatrix of Live Life with Wonder. Writing has been a sanctuary of wonderment, solace, and salve to her soul. You can connect with Lulu at

Laura Bowman

Laura Bowman knew she wanted to be an artist from an early age. “I’ve been covered in paint for as long as I can remember,” she says. “Painting continually refreshes my soul.” Laura delights in the process of creating art from beginning to end. Painting mostly in acrylic and encaustic mediums on wood panel, she builds her own painting panels in her workshop and adores the tools she uses to create them, including saws, nail gun, and sander. Laura graduated from the College of New Rochelle with a degree in art therapy. She currently resides in Dallas, Georgia. You can learn more about Laura and her work at

What Our Readers Are Saying…

Soul Blessings speaks directly to the heart and soul. With Laura Bowman’s beautiful, tender images and Lulu Trevena’s eloquently poetic prose, I was inspired to turn inward to the divine space inside and was filled with a sense of joy and knowingness. Embodying wisdom and courage, Soul Blessings takes us on a journey that touches those places within our hearts and minds that need it most. Lulu’s vision made manifest is a glorious gift to the world.”

Christine Hassler, Best-selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Master Coach, Podcast and TV Host


“This is a heart-opening, courageous book ~ a celebration of life. If you are on a quest for deeper soul connection with others, and more importantly with yourself, Soul Blessings will lead you to explore and honor the power and vulnerability within your heart. The messages and artistic imagery of this divinely inspired book radiate authenticity and acknowledge the depth and innate beauty of the feminine essence. This is a stunning book, one to be treasured.”

Rachael Jayne Groover, author of Powerful and Feminine and Creator of Art of Feminine Presence®


Soul Blessings invites us to take a look deep inside ourselves and reflect on the things of importance in our lives. Laura Bowman’s inspiring artwork and Lulu Trevena’s beautiful writing are a breath of fresh air, challenging us to embrace the unseen spiritual world and be at peace with the knowledge of angels all around us.”

Gary Coltek, owner of High Country Art