Silly Sally’s Show-and-Tell

“Little Kenzi was born without an arm, but in most other ways she was just like other children…”

From the very beginning of this endearing story written by Allie McCarthy we meet Little Kenzi, a girl who loves all kinds of things, but most especially Silly Sally, the doll that has been with Little Kenzi since the day she was born. When Little Kenzi meets Sara, a new girl at school, she is shocked to discover that Sara has never had a doll of her own. Wondering how it could be possible that a girl her age doesn’t have a doll, Little Kenzi feels sad. What happens next will surprise and delight readers of all ages as Little Kenzi shows us the true meaning of friendship, kindness and generosity.


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Author:  Allie McCarthy
Illustrator:  Laura Peters
Publication Date:  December 1, 2013

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Allie McCarthy

Allie McCarthy was born into a military family, to parents Chris and Nora, in San Diego, California. She has a younger sister and brother, Alyssa and Jake. The family left California and moved to Alabama and then Japan. They currently live in Florida. Allie wrote her first novel at the age of twelve in Okinawa, Japan, and continues to explore different areas of fiction. She currently attends Fleming Island High School as a sophomore.

Allie has an interest in cultures around the world and continues to study French language. Her favorite subjects in school are English and science. Allie hopes to attend college in London and wishes to pursue a career as a teacher or a screenwriter.

Laura Peters

Laura Peters was first inspired to create and paint whimsical characters in 1989 for her daughter Sarah. Originally an elementary school teacher, Laura decided to pursue her art as a full-time career, showing her creations at art exhibitions around the country. She is now a nationally known muralist, children’s book illustrator, and award-winning water colorist.

Laura enjoys traveling to elementary schools to conduct classes and inspire young artists. She also teaches watercolor classes for children and adults at Snapdragon Studios. The studio is located on a peaceful and scenic five acres in Colorado where she lives with her husband, Jim.

What Our Readers Are Saying…

Cute little book

“My niece’s name is Kenzi and wanted a book with her name in it. She was happy to get it.”

Candace Riley, 5-Star Amazon Review