“Wild at Heart” takes a silver medal in parenting/family!

… Wild at Heart!

silver living now book award

“Wild at Heart” is a national book award recipient!

Wild at Heart has just received the Silver Medal in the parenting/family category of the Independent Publishers Living Now Awards. Being a book award recipient of a nationally acclaimed award is a huge accomplishment for first-time author Heather Kirby and for the first book produced and published by Merry Dissonance Press.

On the Living Now Book Awards website, they state, “Lifestyle publishing categories such as home, family, health and personal development are the fastest-growing segments of book publishing today, and the Living Now Book Awards help demonstrate the importance of these books to readers and their vitality in the marketplace.” On their “About the Awards” page, they explain, “The purpose of the Living Now Book Awards is to celebrate the innovation and creativity of newly published books that can help us improve the quality of our lives, from cooking and entertaining to fitness and travel. The Living Now award seal on a book’s cover will become a symbol that says, ‘This book will improve and enrich your life! Buy me today!'”

And that was precisely what motivated Heather to write Wild at Heart–to improve and enrich the lives of teenagers and their families. For years, she knew that her experiences as Dean of Students and as a therapist working directly with children, adolescents, and families–as well as her lifelong relationships with horses culminating in her equine coaching practice–had shown her the means for working with teenagers and their families. She saw that what she’d come to practice in her interactions could be applied successfully by anyone working with or living with teens.

Heather’s book is accessible, conversational, and at times humorous. It is filled with easy-to-apply, tried-and-true methods for engaging with adolescents and teens so that your relationships can be gratifying and meaningful. Through her innovative approach and her innate sensitivity, Heather shows readers how to apply strategies and principles that have proven effective with horses. She demonstrates that it is truly possible for adults to have collaborative relationships with their teens.

To get your copy of Heather’s book, please visit her website (where you can currently obtain an autographed copy) or go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble. E-Book versions are available through these booksellers as well. And, of course, you can always go to your local independent bookstore to order your copy!!