MDP Team

Polly Letofsky

Co-Project and Marketing Guide


After frustrating experiences with dodgy publishers, Polly Letofsky launched herself into learning every aspect of the publishing industry. Her goal was to save authors from the antiquated publishing business and instead guide them through the fast-changing publishing world. In that capacity, she joins Merry Dissonance Press as co-project guide to our small press, helping MDP and its authors navigate the world of online book sales, self-promotion, and marketing. Polly has established herself as an expert in the area of book promotion through the publication of her own award-winning book, 3mph: The Adventures of One Woman’s Walk Around the World. To assist authors with the creation of their individualized book marketing plans, Polly published Buzz: Your Super Sticky Book Marketing Plan in 2016 and will soon release her third edition. She brings that expertise to our small hybrid indie publishing world. Polly is also an active participant and member of several leading publishing and writing associations nationwide, including The Independent Book Publishers Association and The Colorado Independent Publishers Association.