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Lulu Trevena, an Aussie native, is delighted by the mystery and potentiality of human life. She is a women’s group and workshop leader, Art of Feminine Presence® licensed teacher, quantum healing practitioner, soulful living coach, author, speaker, artist, and mother. Founder of Live Life with Wonder, she is available virtually and globally.

Lulu is an award-winning author of the stunning hardcover art and poetic prose book, Soul Blessings, winning the 2018 Silver Nautilus book award in Photography & The Arts. Lulu is also the creator of the card deck, Moments of Transformation, which offers inspirational daily messages and deepening practices for soulful living, as well as the hardcover journal, Epiphany Journal and Playbook. All are available at

Lulu recently became a coauthor and international Amazon bestseller in The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Volume 3 (2020), and Find Your Voice, Save Your Life, Powerful Women Real Stories (2021).

Her current book collaboration for 2021 is Wholehearted Wonder Women 50-Plus. In her fifties, adopting the USA as her home, Lulu shares her global life experience, wisdom, and voice, honoring the transformation of the human spirit through self-reflection, the delight of creativity, and grounded soulfulness. She is a lifelong learner and wonder finder.

Lulu is passionate about shifting the societal narrative about women and age—and the confidence to do anything at any age. Lulu works with a new generation of women who desire to fully embody and tap into their inner wisdom from their already rich life and life experience, finding their gold within themselves and sharing their gifts to help raise the consciousness of the planet.

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Soul Blessings
Soul Blessings

Soul Blessings is a personal invitation to your inner self, allowing you time to be still, to be soft, to go inward ~ to be The transformational words and stunning art are an open door ~ welcoming you Soul Blessings can be used as a tool of contemplation or...

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