MDP Team

Hollie Clere

Social Media Advisor

With more than 13 years of executive consulting experience supporting over 700 small businesses in successful brand storytelling using social media, founder, Hollie Clere, The Social Media Advisor, has spoken from many stages over the last 7 years for a variety of organizations. She is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and storytelling trainer.

Hollie has been published in 3 books, delivered high quality content, and has received more than 100 written recommendations achieved over the last few years alone. Her processes are proven across all markets and industries. She shares her passion online about developing the power of the relationship with your audiences through (1) robust profile development optimizations (2) roadmap strategy training, and (3) content management support. Hollie serves clients in the 7 major platforms including: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google My Business, Twitter, and Instagram.

Hollie’s social media exclusive branding agency is supported by a talented team of marketers in Colorado. Their foundation is ownership, accountability, and education. They believe you cannot own your brand unless you know how it works and you can’t hold yourself accountable unless you own it. She and her team have helped businesses shift and pivot into creative ways to show up online, even during the pandemic of 2020 and beyond.