Goat Lips: Tales of a Lapsed Englishman

At last, Matthew Taylor’s hilarious and touching oral stories come to book format for all to enjoy while sipping one’s favorite drink. Goat Lips is sure to bring plenty of chuckles, along with a tear or two, as Matthew winds through life in jolly old England and from coast to coast in the U.S. Goat Lips delivers a thought-provoking romp through a lapsed Englishman’s life who—after a quarter century of living in the United States—realized he’d neglected to renew his subscription to England.

Matthew’s relentless wit and insight is front and center as we bounce between England and the United States, experiencing one hilarious, and sometimes poignant, tale after another—from escaping the clutches of the law to the pain and joy of parenthood, discovering the dangers of real ale and the agony of not being heard, whilst savoring a fiery dessert, the glamour of show business, the awkwardness of nakedness, and the utter wrongness of a Jesus piñata!

His ability to question the assumptions of everyday life with a wry grin, tender touch, and a twinkle in his kind eyes makes Matthew’s tales endlessly entertaining. You’ll want to read them more than once and even share them aloud with others in your best English accent.

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Author:  Matthew Taylor
Publication Date:  October 1,2014

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Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor was transplanted to Colorado from the small sailing village of Itchenor, England. A professional actor, improviser, storyteller, and humorist for the last twenty-five years, Matthew has worked throughout the US and internationally. Matthew loves to bike, ski, sail, and is proud to be a husband and father of two fabulous children (who continually keep him on his toes and laughing constantly).

What Our Readers Are Saying…

“Matthew Taylor’s short essays are much more than mere entertainment. They are each a guide on how to deftly (and humorously) maneuver life’s persistent questions and quandaries, all the while instructing you to–above all–smile, relax and enjoy every moment.”

Mollie O’Brien, Grammy Award-Winning, Singer/Recording Artist


“Matthew Taylor is a natural born storyteller. The stories in this collection are told with self-deprecating wit, charm and honesty. And, of course, he’s got those lips too.”

Steve Cole Hughes, Award-Winning Playwright, Billy Hell


“The combination of evocative prose; a strong, likable, and honest narrator’s voice; and an ability to find humor (and wisdom) in challenging moments, makes Goat Lips a winner.”

Mark Tuchman, Creative Director, School Library Journal

Starred BlueInk Review

…witty, deeply poignant in some cases, and highly entertaining.

“Matthew Taylor, a storyteller, humorist and actor, offers an autobiographical story collection that includes anecdotes about his rambunctious youth growing up in England and his rather impetuous decision to move to America, and subsequently Colorado.”

“There are no missteps among these well-written stories. They zigzag between amusing stories of youthful indiscretion and touching slices of life that move readers in unexpected ways.”

“His engaging story collection fully embraces the idea embodied in those three words: ‘Life is good.'”

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