Different but the Same

In this third installment of the ongoing “Kenzi series,” summer camp has begun for Kenzi, Juan and Sara. This year, the summer program will hold its very first Diversity Day. Camp counselor Linda has placed the three children in the same group to make decorations and plan one of the special day’s activities. As the three friends work together, they discover many differences between them, including the way they look, what they like to do, and even how they do things. When Diversity Day arrives, everyone is excited to participate in the games and activities. What they don’t expect is the lesson Linda shares with them: “Today we celebrate what makes us each special and unique … and what makes us alike,” Linda tells the children. Kenzi soon learns exactly what that means for her and her friends. 


Author:  Allie McCarthy
Illustrator:  Laura Peters
Publication Date:  November 23, 2015

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Allie McCarthy

Allie McCarthy was born into a military family, to parents Chris and Nora, in San Diego, California. She has a younger sister and brother, Alyssa and Jake. The family left California and moved to Alabama and then Japan. They currently live in Florida. Allie wrote her first novel at the age of twelve in Okinawa, Japan, and continues to explore different areas of fiction. She currently attends Fleming Island High School as a senior.

Allie has an interest in cultures around the world and continues to study French language. Her favorite subjects in school are English and science. Allie hopes to attend college in London and wishes to pursue a career as a teacher or a screenwriter.

Laura Peters

Laura Peters was first inspired to create and paint whimsical characters in 1989 for her daughter Sarah. Originally an elementary school teacher, Laura decided to pursue her art as a full-time career, showing her creations at art exhibitions around the country. She is now a nationally known muralist, children’s book illustrator, and award-winning water colorist.

Laura enjoys traveling to elementary schools to conduct classes and inspire young artists. She also teaches watercolor classes for children and adults at Snapdragon Studios. The studio is located on a peaceful and scenic five acres in Colorado where she lives with her husband, Jim.

What Our Readers Are Saying…

“I enjoyed reading this book. I have enjoyed all the books by this author. I highly recommend this author for your reading pleasure.”

Jill Anderson, 5-Star Amazon Review