MDP Team

Charisse Sisou

Copywriter, Marketing Strategist, and Author


Every author has a website but writing a book and writing website copy are two different skill sets. We each have our own blind spots and filters, so it’s great to bring in an outside person who can see who we are, what we offer, and how to present that to the public.

Charisse is the founder of the Claim Your Message Copy and Content Agency and an Amazon-bestselling author and speaker. Through her experience and expertise, she’s supported authors and helped them tell their stories, share their gifts, and attract the community and opportunities they desire.

Charisse enjoys working with change-makers through an intuitive and connective process that is very collaborative. When working with authors, they have lots of input so the copy accurately reflects them and their voice. That’s why Charisse is thrilled to serve Merry Dissonance Press authors and the success of their books and marketing efforts.

Unleash your message, impact, and power by leveraging Charisse’s coaching, consulting, and done-for-you web copy, content, and digital marketing. She can help with your online book launch, email sequences, swipe copy for partners/affiliates, podcast interviews, speaker one-sheets and more.

To learn more, visit or schedule a complimentary discovery session with Charisse, here.