MDP Team

Bobby Haas



Bobby Haas loves editing books because he believes everyone has a story, and every book must find its story to tell. “Story is our oldest and most effective form of communication,” he says. “If you can find your story, and tell it well, people will listen and remember, because they will believe you.”

Though he writes literary fiction (Haas’s novel Midnight Valiant: A Parable was a finalist for Best Literary Fiction from CIPA), Haas edits all genres of both fiction and non-fiction. He has worked with many dozens of writers crafting memoirs, self-help, and inspirational manuscripts. He is adamant about finding each writer’s unique voice. “I have no interest in making you sound like me, or like anyone else. We need to find your voice and then shape and perfect it.”

Story, voice, pacing, structure—these are all necessary elements for creating a compelling narrative, and narrative is the key to any successful book. “It’s what keeps readers turning pages,” he says.

The relationship between writer and editor is extremely powerful—it requires trust, honesty, and commitment. “My job is to nurture and support the writer while keeping the focus on making the writing the best it can possibly be. At the end of the day,” he says, “we’ll birth a book to be extremely proud of.”