MDP Team

Amanda Miller

Social Media Designer & Strategist


Amanda Miller is a social media designer and strategist with over five years of experience growing brands in the editorial space. She supports writers and authors in building their brands on social media through management, optimization, strategic coaching calls and a program designed specifically for book launches.

As a social media manager, Amanda prefers a hybrid approach to social media development. The author provides the language for their weekly captions, and Amanda strategically designs and schedules the posts on behalf of the author. In this way, the author maintains their unique voice and personality, leaving the heavy lifting to Amanda regarding design and execution.

If you are preparing to launch your book into the world, you might consider Amanda’s Book Launch Social Media Kit offer. Authors receive ten purposeful social media posts to build buzz and engagement with their soon-to-be-released book. All posts are provided within a week turnaround, along with a calendar to pace out the posts through the book’s launch.

Schedule a one-hour introductory call to discover the best way to work with Amanda. Platforms supported include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.