mer•ry : laughingly happy; mirthful; causing delight; giving pleasure;
full of high spirits; marked by festivity

dis•so•nance : a disruption of harmonic sounds or rhythms; a mingling of discordant voices; a simultaneous combination of tones as being in a state of unrest and needing completion; sensation caused by multiple vibrations; nearing cacophony

press : the act or process of printing; an apparatus by which a substance is cut or shaped; to squeeze out the juice or contents of; to clasp in affection; to seek urgently; to entreat; to exert influence on; a thronging forward together

merry dissonance press : a book producer/indie publisher of works of transformation, inspiration, exploration, and illumination. We invite the dance and collaboration with our authors and take a holistic approach to bringing your book into the world. We work WITH our authors every step of the way to produce the finest books and to help promote them.